There's a place in Europe for YOU!

If you love Jesus and have a heart for Europe, then we may have the perfect opportunity for you

Our two-year apprenticeship scheme provides practical training in full-time Christian service and Biblical education, with the opportunity to shadow mission workers and, under guidance, take over some responsibilities from them.

The scheme is coordinated by local active mission workers from ECM.  Due to the local nature, it can begin at almost any time during the year.  The cost of the scheme depends on the location where you are serving.

Being an apprentice involves:

Year 1:

  • Biblical education
  • Intense language program during the first semester to encourage good communication,
  • Shadowing mission workers during the second semester to gain experience and capacity to work independently.
  • Regular feedback on your progress

Year 2

  • Practical service in the churches that are being planted. Your responsibilities will depend on experience and talents.
  • Regular feedback on your progress
  • Research into a topic mutually agreed with your mission mentors

For current opportunities that are available under the scheme, see the Internship page of Service Opportunities.

Currently there are no internships advertised that are longer than 6 months…