Administration and Media coordination

Short term

1-2 years

Are you skilled in media and communications? Can you help us with administration? Do you like building relationships and networking? Are you convinced of the power of prayer? Would you love to see the church showing love and Christ to people of a Muslim background? Are you looking for an opportunity to your skills in ministry? We’d love you to join us and in the Mahabba team.

The word ‘mahabba’ means ‘love’ in Arabic. But that is not always the first response Christians have to Muslims. Many Muslims in Belgium are hungry and some are having dreams of Jesus but the challenge is for the local Christian community to see it. At times fear and uncertainty paralyse the church so it can’t positively engage with Muslims. Mahabba seeks to help Christians respond, not with fear, but with a radical, Christ-like love

Mahabba’s VISION is to motivate and mobilise Belgium’s Christians to love their Muslim neighbours. We are bringing Christians together in unity to pray for specific muslims they know. We want to engage and train everyday Christians to be intentional and missional in their encounters with Muslims.  We’re sharing this vision through church presentations, training courses, being an example through personal contacts, mentoring in Mahabba groups, prayer as part of a Mahabba group. We facilitate the 8 existing groups and seek to start new groups. 

Mahabba Belgium is part of a growing international movement that started in the UK more than ten years ago with the first prayer group in Oxford. In order to establish itself in Belgium Mahabba has partnered with Gave Veste, an established Christian organisation seeking to bless refugees and asylum seekers. 

ECM is involved through David and Holly, our local workers in Kortrijk. David is the general coordinator of Mahabba in Belgium, and with three others forms the Mahabba Belgium steering committee. As Mahabba Belgium, we want to present the vision of Mahabba in Dutch, English and French speaking churches. 

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY // We are in need of someone who can help us with administration. We’d also love to be using social media to share the vision. You could help us by managing our web presence and social media strategy.

Alongside your administrative and or communications role, you could get involved

  • in a local Mahabba group
  • in a local church team or church plant
  • with the work of Gave Veste, the local organisation with wholm we partner, who are looking to pass on the Father’s love to refugees by helping churches to see and and love refugees and their communities.

And find many other ways to connect and a share your life and Christ with the local community…

We’re looking for flexible people, who speak English and preferably French or Dutch fluently. While only English is essential, speaking French or Dutch will create many more opportunities for ministry. However, we’d love to see the ministry grow amongst the French speaking churches. If you are French speaking, you could help us present the vision.

For visa reasons, having an EU passport will also be necessary unless you have independent work lined up in Belgium.

DURATION // 1 - 2 years

COST //  Prices will depends on where you are based, but will likely be between 1000-1500 a month for a single person

Come and get the flavour of life in mission and see how God works through you!

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