What’s The Story? in Ireland

Ministry Type:
Outreach and Evangelism
What’s The Story? in Ireland.
What’s the story? is an Irish nationwide evangelistic initiative which seeks to unite and equip the church in Ireland to share God’s story and answer Ireland’s big questions.  
WTS have listened to 1000 Irish people and identified 6 big questions. 
In Spring 2022 WTS will connect seekers to churches answering these questions, with Irish written resources, through an ambitious marketing campaign. 
The writing group for bible studies from John’s gospel includes ECM workers Tom and Grace Campbell, as well as Isbael Quinlan from the Ferrybank church.  
Our project seeks to raise money to subsidise the printing of these written resources for churches who may struggle to afford them. 
This project seeks to invest in collaboration and encouraging younger Irish leaders to equip the Irish church.
We are aiming for at least €3000.  Could you be part of this story?