Work amongst refugees

Ministry Type:
Mercy MinistriesMigrant MinistryOutreach and Evangelism

In southwest Germany, a team works amongst refugees like Tamils, Kurds, Turks and Arabs. The refugees have had to leave everything behind and are thankful for the contact offered, the practical help and the monthly English/Arabian church service.

The team wants to provide for needs that the German government doesn't provide for, like medical, legal and social needs, language learning and transportation. The team is engaged in caring for refugees’ spiritual needs as well as their physical needs. However, the support for their physical needs is limited due to a lack of funds.

There is, for example, a Sudanese muslim woman with dental problems, whom they want to help. This woman needs to find her own funds to get dental treatment, however she has four children and no job, since she is in the middle of the procedure to get assylum. The woman is very discouraged. She thinks that the government doesn't want her to stay because of her religion. The team wants to help this woman and many more people and needs financial support to do so.