Caren Laubscher

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." 2 Corinthians 4:7


After hearing of God’s plans to send him, Moses asked the Lord, ‘who am I’? Moses was focussed on himself, his strengths, weaknesses and his fears. However God’s plans did not revolve around who Moses was but who He was. As I am about to embark on a year- long mission trip to Germany with various fears and weaknesses, I am reassured by God’s message to Moses: “Child, this is not about you, but it is about Me and I AM is with you”.

God brought me to Himself at age 14 against the odds and has walked with me ever since. He was there when I immigrated from South-Africa to New Zealand at 16, and then again to Australia 7 years later. I grew up in a traditional cold protestant culture in South Africa (Afrikaans). In his mercy, God opened my eyes to true, biblical Christianity - centred on Jesus, the king who loves us, saves us and gives new life to his people.

I had exposure to different languages from a young age and then had the opportunity to study and work in Germany and France in my early twenties. I sensed God directing my paths toward missionary work earlybut first He led me to become a medical doctor.Through some big life challenges such as suffering a rare disease that destroyed my hearing at age 25 (which required me to have a cochlear implant), God has been teaching me to long for something better than worldly comfort or success, that is, Christ himself, the Great I AM. He is God’s great gift to the world I want to share.


Culturally speaking, I am drawn to Germany, as the Afrikaans culture I grew up with has Germanic roots. But many might ask, is Germany (and Western Europe)really a mission field? After all, it was the birthplace ofthe Reformation. Sadly, the present reality is that the vast majority of Germans don’t know the Christ of the Scriptures heralded by Martin Luther. Very few have encountered in the church more than cold, lifeless Christian tradition. Postmodern secularism and materialism have gripped the nation’s heart. It is estimated that less than 2% of Germans belong to genuinely Bible-believing churches. Recent arrival of refugees presents several opportunities to share God‘s love. I long for German people to taste and see and hear the true gospel of Jesus Christ.


I will be in Germany from August 2019 to July 2020. I will spend the bulk of this time in the town of Freiburg, which boasts one of the world’s oldest universities! I will be studying International Health as a postgraduate student, as part of a government-funded scholarship to improve health outcomes for migrants. This gives me an amazing opportunity to serve Christ’s mission in Germany and to gain skills that will equip me further for medical missions.

I will partner with two key ministries while studying, firstly, aspart of the university student ministry group (called ‘SMD’), helping to reach students for Jesus. Secondly, I will serve with the ECM team in Germany, in the area of refugee ministry. Long-term ECM missionaries Vimal and Louise Vimalasakeran have invited me to work alongside them as part of their holistic outreach to refugees, by serving in healthcare. I pray I might bear witness to Christ as I have opportunity and encourage the ECM team.


BY PRAYING Every first step must alwaysstart with prayer! I’d love you to sign up for my prayer updates. Praying for me regularly is the best way for you to partner with me in this endeavour. Who knows how encouraged your faith will be too when God answers your prayers for me!

BY GIVING Most of my expenses should be covered by a scholarship and my own savings, however should you feel led togive or partner with me financially, thatwould be amazing!

BY ENCOURAGING One of the best ways you can encourage me is just by intentionally staying in touch with emails, letters, WhatsApp or over Skype. I would absolutely love hearing what God is doing in your life and be able to share with you in person what God is teaching me. Facebook may make seeming in touch easy, but I promise you that the odd intentional message my way would mean the world to me!


Thanks for your partnership in the gospel with me.
I dearly value your prayers, support, and encouragement! Please feel free to get in touch with me in any of the following ways:

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