Oksana & Peter Savka

Sophia, Maksym

Our prayer is that God will take care of every orphan child and it is a privilege to open your heart and be a part of this miracle.

Oksana gives oversight and direction to the orphan care ministry of New Hope Ukraine.  She trains, prepares and motivates Christian families to foster and adopt orphans in Ukraine.  Her husband, Peter, not only assists New Hope Ukraine, but he also pastors a local church in Lviv.

The purpose of the Orphan Care Program in Ukraine is to give children and youth in orphanages the opportunity to be part of a Christ-centered family and local church so that they can respond to Christ’s call to follow Him. This also allows them the environment and support to learn social, relational and academic skills to help them reach God’s potential for their lives.

Oksana, the program director, oversees 10 Christian caseworkers who work in different regions of Ukraine, where they share the need for foster homes with Christian families, and a lot of them are opening their hearts and their homes for these children. New Hope Ukraine provides training for parents, gives consultation on how to prepare all needed documents for adoption, and guides the family throughout the process of adoption.

They also organize Orphan Care Family Camps every year for the families in the program to come together for support and to enjoy community with others who are walking a similar road.


Missionaries in Lviv, Ukraine
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