100 years ago 70% of the world's Christians lived in Europe.
It now has the smallest number of evangelicals in the world.

Planting churches and making disciples in Jesus' name. This is the re-evangelisation of Europe.

Why Europe?

What's happening at ECM?

Who is my neightbour?

Who is my neighbour? Spr 21 .png After over 20 years in church planting and literature distribution ministry, Radovan is now semi-retired but continues to travel regularly to Bugojno, Bosnia (a round trip of about 80 kms) to teach the Bible and be a disciple maker. Bugojno, a town of over 30,000, has only a handful of believers who Radovan seeks to support as they bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ. full story

Sharing Faith With Muslims

Sharing Faith with Muslims.png Around 2.7 million immigrants moved to Europe in 2019, with most of them going to Germany, followed by Spain, France and Italy. With thousands of immigrants arriving in Europe daily to escape the horrors of home, the shape of Europe is changing before our eyes. full story

Europe 2021: A Missiological Report

Europe 2021.png Europe 2021. What is really going on? How is Europe changing? What can we expect to see in the future?
Jim Memory's report on Europe has been called a "must-read", a "road map", a "timely and relevant tool for all Christian leaders", and much more. Read it, share it, and let it bless you and inform you. full story

Where we work

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Opportunities in Europe

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