Europe needs Jesus. Now more than ever.

We are planting churches across Europe that share and show the love of Jesus.

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I was lost, Now I am found

Guy's favourite-mod1_web.jpg15/03/2018 01:32 It’s a tragedy that in the prosperous continent of Europe there are still many cases of unwanted children and deficient care. Madeleine Koo (Louise George’s twin sister), writes of how God created an opportunity for Matt & Louise George, then serving as missionaries in Portugal, to make a difference through imitating God’s adopting love. full story

Consider Europe

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 11.24.18.png15/03/2018 01:11 Hear from two excellent speakers (who know Europe well) as to why Europe is a mission field. full story

Is there still hope for Europe?

quiet_church05/03/2018 04:37 ECM Australia Director Matt George talks about some of the barriers to the Gospel going out across Europe. full story
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