ECM Council Membership

European Christian Mission (ECM), is an international, and interdenominational mission that partners with local churches to send Christian workers to Europe.

The Mission of ECM International is to equip, connect and multiply followers of Jesus through church planting and discipleship across Europe.

The Australian Council is the body responsible for all of the activities of European Christian Mission (ECM) in Australia.  It must protect the interests of the Mission, ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and hold the staff accountable for their management of it.


The purpose of the Australian Council is to:

  • Safeguard ECM’s Spiritual Health, Mission, Vision and Values
  • Appoint the Executive Director and appraise his performance
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation


The Australian Council comprises the following members:

  • Director for ECM Australia
  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • No more than seven other councillors
  • Any missionary of ECM whom the Australian Council may invite

All members must sign the International Principles and Policies of the Mission, registering their full agreement.


All Australian Council members must be men or women of God of mature Christian character, fully committed to the Statement of Faith, Vision, Mission, Values and Ministry of ECM.

They must express a sense of God’s calling to serve Him on the Australian Council and be willing to be bound by ECM’s Principles and Practices.

In addition to these essential qualities, Members can bring to their ministry a specific skill or experience relevant to the work in the following disciplines.

  • Missiology (preferably with a good Theological and Ecclesiological understanding.
  • Business Practice and Management.
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Personnel
  • Family Matters including female perspectives and a good understanding of Singleness.

It is desirable that some Members be former missionaries with field experience – not necessarily with ECM – and have experience of church planting.


The Australian Council has the following responsibilities:

  • Stewardship over gifts and donations in accordance with the International Principles and Policies.
  • To consider applications by prospective missionary candidates, to interview such persons, and at its discretion to accept them as candidates upon such terms and conditions as it may determine. Such persons shall from that time on be directly responsible to the Director.
  • To receive and consider reports and recommendations from the Director about the recruitment, orientation and training of missionary candidates and further studies of workers and to make appointments concerning such persons as it may consider desirable from time to time.
  • To generally be responsible for the appointment, recruitment, deployment, transfer and withdrawal and dismissal of all probationary candidates, workers, missionaries, senior missionaries to such extent and upon such conditions as may be agreed upon from time to time between the Directors for Australia and Europe.
  • To assist representatives and missionaries involved in deputation ministries in making the work of the Mission known.

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in being considered for the Australian Council, please send a cover letter summarising your relevant experience and skills you could offer. Please also include a resume with a listing of any previous and current Board service. Previous governance experience would be advantageous but is not imperative. You will also need to be a mature Christian and commit to the Statement of Faith, Vision, Mission, Values and Ministry of ECM. All Australian Council Members must be willing to be bound by ECM’s Principles and Practices.

Expressions of interest can be submitted to:

Current Council Membership

Paul Richards

Paul Richards


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Jo Gamble

Deputy Chair

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Chis Maxwell


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Lisa Wilmshurst

Lisa Wilmshurst



Matt George

Executive Director