ECM's work is not only being done by its workers. The support of the people standing behind them is vital too. We need your prayers for the work of ECM and ECM's workers.

Get involved by praying

ECM was founded by prayer. In a night of prayer in 1904, the Estonian Ganz Raud was challenged by God to reach the peoples of Europe with the Gospel. 

Prayer is still vital to our work. Prayer underlies our missionaries, for the projects and in searching God's guidance for new initiatives. 

An ECM missionary in France once told us that she always notices it when it's 'her turn on the prayer diary'. She experiences the power prayer has. 

Would you pray along with us?

A couple of ways to get our ECM International Prayer feed - 

Use the form here to subscribe to the Monthly Prayer Diary - Daily Prayer for ECM work by country

You can also get this feed through the PrayerMate app



Thank you for your interest and contribution!