There's a place in Europe for YOU!

If you love Jesus and have a heart for Europe, then we may have the perfect opportunity for you

Where do I start?

It’s important to seek God’s will for your life through prayer and meditation on his word. After that, talk to a few trusted people from your church community who can help you reflect on your initial thoughts. Attending a mission conference can help you discover more about mission work. Get involved in missions here at home and develop your God-given talents. And if possible visit the country God puts on your heart.

Talk to us

As soon as you are seriously considering mission work somewhere in Europe, you can get in contact with us for an exploratory conversation. We will ask you to tell us something about your motivation and to send us your CV. 

If we agree that there appears to be opportunities for you within ECM, you will become a candidate.  This includes:

  • Completing questionnaires and asking others to complete references about you.

  • Conversations with ECM-workers, the ECM board, your church leaders, a psychologist and the team leader of your potential ECM team. Usually we recommend that you also visit the ECM team in the country you're hoping to join.

  • Possibly (additional) theological/missiological education or more experience with work in your church.

  • Building your support group in terms of prayer and finance. We will help and advise you, and your church and friends will play an important part. It isn't always easy, but we have always seen that God provides with everything necessary when he calls you to serve him.


We hope that you will seriously consider and pray about serving as a worker for God somewhere in Europe. Europe needs more people to share Jesus' love by planting and developing his church so that we can reach those yearning for meaning and purpose in their lives.