Christian Community Centre “Zum Gewächshaus”

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20240129_125434In the former German Democratic Republic, the Lankow district in the Northeastern City of Schwerin was extremely popular. Now, 30 years later, a lot has changed. Many people struggle with financial or social/relational problems, like loneliness or the feeling that they have become useless. Although this is a very atheistic part of the world and a church as a place of hope in Lankow is missing, the local team and their partners of the FeGN church believe that God hasn't forgotten these people. They want to show His love by bringing people together and offering them the opportunity of active participation, through which they experience God's acceptance and discover a new perspective on their lives. They share the Gospel in their daily lives with the people around them and create places of hope by organising regular activities in a white tent, on the street and at central places in the neighbourhood.

Lankow3September 2023 the next step could be taken by buying an old vacant building, in the heart of the district which used to be a small restaurant and pub. Now it is to be renovated step by step in cooperation with people from the neighbourhood to create a new Community Centre, called “Zum Gewächshaus” (Greenhouse). This new place has to be both transparent and safe to grow and flourish both personally and as a community. The team writes:

Lankow4“We see a place where God is glorified in a language that fits our context. We see a place that is a blessing for our neighbourhood and infects the people around us with a message of hope. To realize our vision, € 220.000 is needed for the renovation. Will you join us in this by supporting us in prayer and financially?” Thank you very much!

“I was born in an atheistic family, but I have always thought that there had to be something more. Now I discovered in this community that Jesus is with me and He is giving me the strength I need every day.” - Stephanie