The Long-Term Vision of Short-Term Missions

Gary Stoll News.pngSeptember - 25 - 2023 25/09/2023, 04:10 The goal of any short-term missions trip ought to have longer-term aims in mind. Gary Stoll (ECM, Romania) full story

Holiness in Mission | Dr Chris Wigram

Holiness in Mission Banner.pngAugust - 21 - 2023 21/08/2023, 03:48 The whole Bible resounds with the call for God’s people to be holy and in fact ‘without holiness no one shall see the Lord’. So how does this apply to the mobilisation of new workers? full story

ECM News Mailout Day

ECM News Banner.jpgJuly - 22 - 2023 22/07/2023, 08:58 ECM News goes out 4 times a year and is an important part of engaging the church with God's mission in Europe. full story

Pray for Austria | 17 Oct

Pray for Austria Banner.jpgJuly - 21 - 2023 21/07/2023, 04:41 Join us as we hear from and pray for Austria. 6PM AEDT. Online. full story

Pray for Spain | 14 Nov

Pray for Spain Banner.jpgJuly - 19 - 2023 19/07/2023, 04:52 Join us as we hear from and pray for Spain. full story

Guesthouse Project in Spain

Guesthouse Project.jpgJune - 10 - 2023 10/06/2023, 05:01 Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths (Camino Antiguo), ask where the good way is and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. Jeremiah 6:16 full story

The Intellectual Battle Ground for the Gospel in Europe

The Intel Battle.jpgMay - 30 - 2023 30/05/2023, 00:26 ECM missionary Joel Oliveira pastors a church in the north of Portugal. He has recently published the book, “Is Marxism still a thing? Cultural Marxism from a Christian perspective.” Joel argues that it is imperative for Christians to be well informed about the academic influences that are shaping modern society and culture. full story

Angry and Grateful

News Stories (1).pngMarch - 15 - 2023 15/03/2023, 10:04 Viktoria in Ukraine on 12 Months of War. "God can handle all my emotions", says Viktoria Haviley, who reveals the personal and public impact of continued conflict. Listen to her interview or read the highlights here. full story

Why does God send?

Why does God Send?.jpgFebruary - 28 - 2023 28/02/2023, 04:24 Ali Maegraith is an ECM Missionary serving in Berlin. She has been church planting in Berlin with her husband Rich for the past eight years. In this article she reflects on why she traded life in the ‘lucky country’ for a grungy European city. full story

Short Term Gain

Short Term Story.pngSeptember - 01 - 2022 01/09/2022, 00:38 The impact of short term mission on goers and receivers. full story

It is terrible to die of thirst on the sea

dying+of+thirst.pngAugust - 11 - 2022 11/08/2022, 18:21 Where in the world is the church in sharpest decline? full story

Such a time as this - Ali

Such a time as this.jpgMay - 26 - 2022 26/05/2022, 07:15 Ali is an ECM Missionary in Berlin, Germany. She shares her firsthand experience of what it’s like to be in Europe at the moment… full story

Ukraine Crisis | Stories from the field - Sam Boog

Stories from the Field.jpgMay - 26 - 2022 26/05/2022, 07:01 “Are we living in a vicious circle? Heartbreak - anger - energy - hope. And again. Heartbreak - anger - energy - hope. And again, and again, and again. At the beginning of this war, I prayed so hard that the Lord would give us a quick victory… full story

It is terrible to die of thirst on the sea

Dying of Thirst.pngMarch - 14 - 2022 14/03/2022, 05:15 The need for church planting in Europe.
Written by Sam Boog full story

Ukraine Crisis Fund

UKRAINEFebruary - 25 - 2022 25/02/2022, 02:48 The Russian invasion of Ukraine is causing a crisis situation affecting millions of people in that country and our hearts hurt for their pain. Remembering Paul’s words to the Galatians, as we have opportunity, we want to do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. full story

ECM Update on the Ukraine Crisis

ECM Update UkraineFebruary - 25 - 2022 25/02/2022, 02:20 Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine this morning, we want to update you about the situation of our ECM workers there and the situation on the field. Read or download the last update about the Ukraine crisis here. full story

Praying for God's work in the Ukraine

robert-anasch-fmkWxfJ63Y8-unsplash.jpgJanuary - 25 - 2022 25/01/2022, 12:30 As tensions between Russia and the Ukraine are in the news headlines again, the uncertainty and risk for those who work on God's frontline are very real. full story

Ministers and Missions

Ministers and Missions.pngDecember - 06 - 2021 06/12/2021, 04:44 What is role of the local pastor in global mission? Sam posed this question to Ray Galea, lead pastor of Multicultural Bible Ministry, Rooty Hill (Sydney)… full story