Klaas & Eline Rozema

Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all!


Missionaries to Austria - Currently fundraising in the Netherlands

Klaas and Eline Rozema want to reach the people of Tirol with the Gospel. Klaas works as a missionary pastor with the Freie Evangelikale Gemeinde (FEG) in Innsbruck, Austria. Eline also feels a calling to serve in Austria.

Innsbruck is a beautiful town in a fairylike mountain landscape. The place offers a lot in terms of sports, leisure, culture, education and even church life. However, most people don't know Jesus Christus. There may be churches, chapels and crucifixes everywhere, but almost nobody knows and believes the Gospel. Klaas and Eline want to answer God's calling and share the good news of Jesus Christus in Innsbruck.

As missionary pastor Klaas will work closely together with the FEG. He wants to preach and organise Bible studies and courses. Street evangelism is also part of his ministry. "I want to get in touch with people who don't follow Jesus yet. I want to build relationships. In recent years I have seen how several people have come to faith. I hope many will follow!"

Eline wants to support Klaas in his mission and she wants to focus on hospitality and service in her ministry. "When Klaas and I have found a home in Innsbruck, I wish it will be a place where the door is always open and where there's always a place free at the dinner table. I would certainly not overlook children. In my life I have always wanted to be of significance to children. I hope my heart and house in Innsbruck will always be open for them. God will lead us!"

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Cross Cultural Workers in Austria
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