Radovan & Blazenka Trajkovski

Aleksander & Vladimir

We would love to plant new churches in at least two new cities during the next 5 years.

Radovan Trajkovski is providing and distributing Bibles and Christian literature across Bosnia. He is holding Bible Correspondence Classes and is involved in sharing the Gospel on Radio and Television Programmes. Along with these he also serves as a church elder.

The Novi Travnik church has an opportunity to transmit weekly half hour programmes on “RadioTelevizija Travnik”. Radovan has a great relationship with the Muslim TV director who has offered him this airtime. He is even willing to let Radovan have airtime initially for free, trusting that Radovan will be able to pay later. The Novi Travnik church already has much material prepared and they have much broadcasting experience with Radio Vitez and on their own website www.kbcnt.net. They need €150 monthly to show the programmes for a period of three years.

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