Jim & Christine Memory

We want to help to raise up a new generation of leaders for mission in Europe, both within ECM and beyond. Through our roles in mission leadership, working with seminaries in Spain and the UK, and through influencing leaders at conferences, we want to catalyse church planting and innovation in mission that the gospel might be known across the continent of Europe.

Jim and Christine Memory have been missionaries with ECM since 1994 and have three grown up children.   For fourteen years they were church planting in a small town of 14,000 people in the south of the province of Córdoba, Spain. In 2008 they returned to the UK for eight years to work at Redliffe College in Gloucester in teaching, mission research, housekeeping and volunteer coordination, as well as starting to take on some leadership roles within ECM. They went back to Spain in February 2017 and for the last 5 years have been working with bible colleges in both Spain and the UK, carrying out their various ECM leadership and administration roles, slowly getting more involved in the Lausanne movement, as well as supporting a small local church. 

Jim is the Director of International Partnerships for ECMI and is part of the International Directors Team.  This overlaps very well with his role as the Regional Director for Lausanne Europe. Jim is passionate about collaboration in mission and both roles enable him to influence others to work together in the evangelisation of Europe. He is also a lecturer and regular conference speaker on mission in Europe and his Europe 2021 Missiological Report has been widely distributed and is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Slovak!

Christine is the leader of the ECM Ministry Development Group which helps support the field missionaries in their yearly ministry reporting and project planning, as well as aiding the leadership in maintaining good practice within the mission. She is also part of the Biennial Planning Committee helping to organise the mission-wide conference for up to 450 people every two years. She also covers various PA, travel agency, bookkeeping and administrative roles for ECM, Lausanne and Jim.
Missionaries. ECMI Administrative Support (Christine), Strategic Partnerships Director ECMI (Jim)
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