Ross & Shona McGaughran

Ross and Shona with baby Eden have just finished study at Sydney Missionary Bible College, and are in the process of partnering with churches and individuals across Australia and New Zealand to see Austria reach for Jesus. They are currently moving to New Zealand and setting up life there as they seek to be sent by local churches to Austria in early 2024.

They have a desire to see the light of the gospel shatter through the stained-glass facades of religion in Austria. They long for people to pick back up the long discarded moral compass of religion, and see instead of dead traditions, a living Christ. They aim to be heavily involved in discipling many to deeper faith in Christ in the Vorarlberg region.

Ross will also work as a mobiliser in New Zealand so that more may have their hearts stirred for the harvest fields of Europe.

Missionary Candidates
Country of origin
Australia (Ross) New Zealand (Shona)

With ECM since 2016 (Ross) and 2021 (Shona)