Henk & Hanneke Knol

Aliza, Senna, Yaella en Célia

“Many Spanish people are not familiar with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We want to share our lives and our faith with them."

At the beginning of 2021, Henk and Hanneke Knol and their four children moved to Palomares del Río, nearby Sevilla, to start a longterm ministry to spread Jesus' message of love, forgiveness and mercy. By living among the Spanish people as a Christian family and by investing in relationships, they want to let the Gospel shine.

Henk had his own car company, Hanneke has a background in healthcare. Triggered by a strong desire to serve God full-time, they decided in 2019 to explore the opportunities by travelling through Europe in a camper, together with their four kids. They were on the road for eight months, a big portion of which they spent in Spain. They experienced a clear calling to serve there.

"Spain is a Roman Catholic country, where you find a lot of religiosity, but many people are not familiar with the love and grace of Jesus Christ", they say. "We want to respond to Jesus' love for us by loving others and reaching out to the people around us. By doing so we hope to reflect Jesus so that the Spanish people can get to know Him."

Henk and Hanneke are currently focusing on learning the Spanish language and integrating in the Spanish culture. Sign up for their newsletter on this page to follow their mission.

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