Zondervan NT Commentary Translation

Timisoara, Romania
Ministry Type:
Church DevelopmentTheological and Ministry Training

One of the needs ECM workers in Romania identified was the need for theological and Bible study materials in Romanian language for pastors, seminary students and those involved in ministry in the country. They have since worked to meet that need and so this 10-year project was born, to make the whole 20 volume NT commentary series available in Romanian. 

Tavi Verlan and his team at New Hope have already succeeded in translating, publishing and printing Matthew, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, James, 1,2,3 John and Revelation. Mark, Corinthians and Galatians are in progress. Mission leaders, preachers and seminary lecturers are giving this work amazing reviews. 

Tavi said of 2021: 'In terms of publishing, our best year so far. The feedback is awesome'. He and colleagues have also been inspired in their own preaching and the Word of God is spreading in this exciting phase of mission.

This worthy project started in 2017 with funding from a UK Trust, but it now needs €4300 ($5000 USD) to expand capacity by engaging an extra translator and desktop publisher designer. Let's help this excellent initiative advance to completion.

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