MattMatt George

My name is Matt George, Executive Director of European Christian Mission (ECM) in Australia since January 2017. Before that, my wife and I were missionaries to Portugal from 2004-16, serving in various ministries including being on staff at a Bible College in Lisbon (Portuguese Bible Institute), being part of a church planting team and particularly for the last six years (2011-16), working in university student ministry in Coimbra.

I have two children, a daughter, Anabella aged 11 and a son, Calvin, 6, who we were able to adopt through Bulgaria as part of EU cooperation. 

I would be open to speak online in a range of church, small group, university or Bible College settings. I have lots of experience as a Bible expositor with strong application to global mission. I have of course prepared numerous presentations about my specific ministry but I can also speak on a number of missions related topics. You might be interested in a seminar on Europe as a mission field in the present crisis  - its needs, challenges and how ECM is engaged in reaching Europeans.  

Sam2022Sam Boog

My name is Sam Boog, I have been working in Media and Promotions for European Christian Mission (ECM) for the last couple of years. I became a Christian when I was a teenager and have since grown in my love for the Lord Jesus and the need to share the good news throughout the world. I have a background in broadcast journalism and worked for several years at the ABC. I have also worked in ministry, using my love for the media to encourage and disciple media workers in Sydney. I have a particular passion for Europe and am keenly aware of the needs there and the resources we have here. I would be available to present on-line about this topic if interested and the videos on our website are available too.