How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?’ Romans 10:14b NIV

Europe needs Jesus. Now more than ever, you have the opportunity to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people in their own language.

This Easter, will you help to bring the gospel to people across Europe, who do not yet know Jesus?

You may have heard recently of the exciting initiative by ECM missionaries Rich and Ali. The Berlin Psalms Project shares God’s Word through music – to connect with musicians, artists and other people searching for meaning, longing for hope.

“The city is rich in art and life. There are all kinds of possibilities for finding meaning and comfort right here,” says Ali. “In Europe, there is now a new generation who also have never heard of Jesus.”

Will you share a gift this Easter so that the people of Berlin and beyond can hear about Jesus? Please pray about what God might like you to give at this special time, as you and I remember the One who died and rose to life so that all may have eternal life.

Now more than ever, missionaries need to be raised up to reach people for Christ in faithful, creative ways.

Rich and Ali saw the opportunity soon after arriving in Germany eight years ago. They did their initial language learning. Then they planted a church right in the heart of Germany’s capital. It’s a place with a lively music scene. But people do not have life in Christ.

Inspired by God, Rich and Ali did something special for the locals they met. They used their gifts as pastors and musicians to turn the Bible’s Psalms into a modern, jazz-inspired album – to “preach” God’s Word not only in the German language, but the “language of music”.

Now, thanks to faithful supporters like you, this unique gospel project is close to completion. You can help raise up more missionaries to reach Europe for Jesus. Would you consider a gift today?

Like much of Europe, church attendance in Germany is stagnating. An estimated 2 in 100 people follow Jesus in what was once the heartland of gospel fervour.

Many Germans see Christianity and the Bible as irrelevant at best or, at worst, divisive and destructive. They don’t know how much God loves them. They don’t know that Jesus died and rose to life for them.

But God is at work...

One of the biggest jazz clubs in Berlin has offered the venue to launch the album. Praise God! Rich has also had the opportunity to start a preaching course, and is mentoring a couple of young men who are stepping up to this responsibility.

Rich and Ali are two of 21 ECM missionaries serving in Germany. Overall, more than 250 workers serve with ECM in 25 countries, from Finland to France and the UK to Ukraine.

It’s exciting! But the needs are huge. That’s why I hope that you will help this Easter season.

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As God leads and with faithful partners like you, ECM can:

  • Equip more missionaries
  • Connect more people to disciple and plant churches
  • Multiply followers of Jesus across Europe

The name of the Berlin Psalms Project album sums up why your partnership with ECM matters… “Whom have I in heaven but you?”. This Easter, will you give people the opportunity to hear the Word of God preached… in the language of the people, even in song?

For the sake of the artists, musicians and the many other people throughout Europe who have never heard of Jesus, will you give generously today?

Please make your gift by Good Friday 29th March to reach more people throughout Europe for Jesus.

Give Now

Rich says, “Our overall desire is to see the gospel proclaimed in Berlin in a way that can be understood and heard by musicians, artistic people, friends and neighbours.”

I’m sure that’s your desire, too – so that all may hear and believe in Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

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Executive Director