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Matt George


My name is Matt George, national director of European Christian Mission (ECM) in Australia since January 2017. Before that, my wife and I were missionaries to Portugal from 2004-16, serving in various ministries including being on staff at a Bible College in Lisbon (Portuguese Bible Institute), being part of a church planting team and particularly for the last six years (2011-16), working in university student ministry in Coimbra.

I have two children, a daughter, Anabella aged 11 and a son, Calvin, 6, who we were able to adopt through Bulgaria as part of EU cooperation. 

I would be open to speak online in a range of church, small group, university or Bible College settings. I have lots of experience as a Bible expositor with strong application to global mission. I have of course prepared numerous presentations about my specific ministry but I can also speak on a number of missions related topics. You might be interested in a seminar on Europe as a mission field in the present crisis  - its needs, challenges and how ECM is engaged in reaching Europeans.  

Fey Cotter

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My name is Féy Cotter and I have worked for ECM New Zealand  (NZ) as a mobiliser since December 2018 after we moved back to Nz from Albania. My husband (Murray) and I have been missionaries in Albania for a total of 13 years. 
We were first in Albania from 1996-2002 with our four children and during that time we were predominantly church planting in a remote situation. After eight years back in NZ from 2003 - 2010 we returned to Albania in 2011 (without the children) for seven and a half years. During that time we focused on discipling initiatives with national churches, and I was involved in mission leadership for ECM International as a Field Leader for Albania & Kosovo, Regional Coordinator for most of Eastern Europe and Project Oversight for financial projects across Europe. 

I am available to speak on-line to churches, small groups, and university or Bible College groups about my experiences in mission in Europe or on your choice of mission related topics. 

Ray Busuttil


My name is Ray Busuttil and I currently serve as a mission mobiliser with ECM: think helping people discern God’s leading to cross-cultural mission.
Before this, I served as Director of European Christian Mission Australia and New Zealand (10yrs).
Previous to serving as Director, along with my wife Cathy and our three children, we served in Ukraine for 11 years. My primary role was local church-based Leadership Development with Biblical Education by Extension Ukraine.
I am available to speak on-line about mission in Europe in a range of church, small group, university or Bible College settings.

I can give a broad picture of why Europe is a critical mission field; God’s amazing and hidden work in growing His church in post-soviet Ukraine; intentional discipleship in an East-European context; and how to support and care for your partner missionaries.

Sam Boog


My name is Sam Boog, I have been working in Media and Promotions for European Christian Mission (ECM) for the last couple of years. I became a Christian when I was a teenager and have since grown in my love for the Lord Jesus and the need to share the good news throughout the world. I have a background in broadcast journalism and worked for several years at the ABC. I have also worked in ministry, using my love for the media to encourage and disciple media workers in Sydney. I have a particular passion for Europe and am keenly aware of the needs there and the resources we have here. I would be available to present on-line about this topic if interested and the videos on our website are available too.

I love reading, running and looking after my four primary aged girls! My husband and I currently reside in Brisbane.